Week 21 – MKMMA Master Keys – Graceful Goodbyes and Happy Hellos

A little discussed aspect of self-determinism and using the Law of Attraction is the tendency for things, jobs, attitudes or relationships that are not in your best interests to fall apart or remove themselves from your life.   If you are not prepared for it, or have difficulty saying graceful goodbyes, it can come as a shock but usually you can see them coming and watch in awe as anything that was taking up room needed for better things gets swept away.   The past 2 to 3 weeks have been such a period for me, when my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) started deconstructing things that were standing in it’s way.   It’s akin to having someone pull away the crutches that you stopped needing ages ago but have adapted your gait to using … it may seem cruel but how can you dance on crutches, eh?   Seeing the signposts to  success and higher purpose in personal loss or delays is a crucial skill in intentional living, as taking it personally or becoming discouraged can lead people into trying to rebuild something that wasn’t working in the first place.  To critics of Natural Law thinking and society’s fascination with intentional creating, it seems unrealistic and fatalistic to take the hits with a smile.  “Cut your losses and by realistic”  comes the cry from either within or without and self-doubt lurks ready to spring out and take over the show again.   It’s an essential part of the Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ to face self-doubt and see it as a tool for expansion.   Weeks ago we swapped our wristwatches (working to the clock) with compasses (working to an orientation) and that compass can make you walk across mountains and deserts as well as plush, sweetly fragranced meadows.   You know you have made a difference to yourself when the mountains look like pimples and the deserts are a child’s sandpit.

The MKMMA course is a course in miracles,  it’s designed to equip it’s students with tools and skills, whilst it challenges and supports them to make longlasting and effective changes.    Change can come with a smile, a high-five, a whimper or a roar but if you know you have ordained it with your own desires and wishes then you will welcome them all with an inner certainty and effortlessly see them all as miracles.   Using Positive Thinking to change your life for the better may sound like a challenge, but the principles of it are simple and by week 21 of this course it has become effortless to see the positives in everything, instead of consciously thinking myself into it.   That is the aim of the MKMMA, and in me they have succeeded.  The work is done, now it’s time to enjoy the rewards.

Week 20 – MKMMA Master Keys – Look at Your Self

This week’s Master Class in the MKMMA (Master Keys Master Mind Alliance) has expertly touched on how we handle the mortar that holds any bricks we may have built around us as a wall.   That  mortar is strong or weak depending on how we recognise and then use the human frailties of Fear, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings, Anger and Guilt.   They represent categories that are the distillation of all the other human frailties such as remorse, self-pity, sadness, frustration etc.   All of these feelings can be huge motivators for change, if you take no notice of how the societal entity frowns on them.  Often, they are stuffed away in corners of our psyche to gnaw away at our effectiveness and enjoyment of life.    My particular wall was built on Unworthiness, but since Unworthiness is weak it only took one blow to knock it down.   A moment of self-trust and the courage to look within was far stronger than a temporary wall.

One of the most feared emotions is anger, because we have a special fear of anger turned against another (special as in species).   Animals do not fear anger and why should they, since in the main they have not perverted it into killing for pleasure, rape or other heinous acts.  We feel more fear when watching anger than the person experiencing the anger.  Anger mixed with fear produces terror.  Getting hold of your anger and using it as a positive tool for change not only liberates you, it liberates societal ideas of anger.   In Joseph Campbell’s ideology of the Hero’s Journey, we see that so much transformative good can be done if we harness it in it’s purest form and use it to propel us forwards without harming a fly.   When self-pity, remorse or fear masquerades as anger we fall foul of harming ourselves or another, particularly if it turns inwards and degenerates into sadness.    When the mind latches onto anger without engaging the heart, the mind becomes a cold, hard place that justifies  any behaviour.   Once you engage the heart, anger is coloured with love –  which becomes one of the most worthy combinations in existence.   The archetype of the Spiritual Warrior is borne from that combination, which perfectly describes religion’s Angels.   That energy is not fluffy or ethereal, it is commanding and truthful.   Work on opening the heart first, if you wish to use any other emotion for it’s highest good.

On Week 20 of the Master Keys, Charles Haanel brings us to the place that has been prepared for the past 19 weeks … a merging with and submission to the architect of your universe; the principles and forces that have created your life till now.   The exercises of the Master Keys and the MKMMA have all been designed to unlock that door.  Giving in to the Infinite brings you back to … you.

Week 19 – MKMMA Master Keys – Opportunity Knocks (but it does not break and enter)

The logic of Haanel’s Master Keys can leave one feeling either at odds or in accordance with his scheme, depending on whether our outlook on life is one of victimisation or optimism.   As I have been drawn along the process of mindfully applying the MKMMA exercises I have felt the uncomfortable struggles of an ego that wishes at one moment to reject anything that threatens it, and in another moment wishes to co-opt an idea that either strengthens it, makes it look good or that it thinks it can own as its original idea.   There’s nothing the ego likes more than being right, right?

So when an income stream suddenly breaks down or exits ‘stage left’, or a companion that we depended on suddenly acts out of character, or a belief that we nurtured for years starts showing cracks, we always have a choice.  Either concentrate all our energy on the problem, or ignore the steaming pile of disaster and look in the other direction to see what is coming from the other direction.   While we are scratching our heads at how to repair the irreparable, we can miss the scratches at the door of an alternative opportunity.

In Part 19 of the Master Keys, Haanel examines the conflicting ideas of good and evil and applies Natural Law to find a workable answer.   The great unvarnished truth is that ‘evil’ has no volition, no will and no existence.   What we call ‘evil’ is at it’s most simplistic a lack of good, or a lack of energy.   “The devil makes work for idle hands” is not one of my favourite sayings as I know there is no such entity (other than created by the minds of men), but when I apply it as an archetype I can see the wisdom of the offering.   Another maligned archetype is the Lilith, who as Adam’s first wife and equal refused to be demoted into subservience and left the Garden of Eden, requiring Eve to be plucked from Adam’s side and fashioned into a suitably subservient companion.

In applying our Lilith qualities to a problem, we are exercising the great premise of Part 19 – that energy is non-dual and it is up to us how we apply our mind and energy to create change or rest in our life.   Haanel was a student of Eastern philosophies and became fascinated with their recognition of duality.  I struggled with that when an income stream became dammed this week, but in applying the principles of the MKMMA and the Master Keys I realised that I was ‘focussing on the problem’ and instantly felt the relief of gratitude.  On refocusing myself, I oriented myself towards the door of opportunity … and within an hour was offered a new business opportunity.   One that will require some work and energy, of course, which ultimately will stretch me in a way the old one couldn’t.   I had, in effect, outgrown that one.  I can apply some of Lilith’s positive attributes and be unafraid to leave a once comfortable garden … I might as well, as it looks like the garden cafe has closed.   Opportunity does knock, but it never forces entry … it is up to us to open the door.

Week 18 – MKMMA Master Keys – Creative thought in the midst of chaos

This week was the hardest in the MKMMA experience, for me.   I am writing this in retrospect as it was a week of unremitting chaos and loss in both my personal and professional lives.

Haanel says in sentence 12:

Thought is creative and the principle on which the law is based is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature of things; but this creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance; the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy

And later in sentence 26:

What do the great financiers of Wall Street and the captains of industry, the statesmen, the inventors, the physicians, the authors – what do each of these contribute to the sum of human happiness but the power of their thought?

It was initially hard to read and own this amongst the amount of loss and destruction in my life that week but my well-trained MKMMA mind raised itself above self-pity and saw that the only things that had been lost were untenable in the long term.  They were going in order to make room for better things.   The well-known maxim “I am giving up my good, for my better”  is easy to read when it describes a point in the future rather than a catastrophe you are living through, but when it is upon you and you really are losing your good with no replacements apparent on the horizon … well, that’s when you need to keep your thoughts and self-belief as high as you possibly can and trust your own direction.   There are two ways to propel yourself forward in these times, through dissatisfaction with the situation (sometimes a good old bit of anger can be a wonderfully motivating force) or through the gentler but no less motivating force of Gratitude.  If you cannot feel gratitude in a moment of loss, then reach for it by starting from a point of understanding.  Understanding yourself, or understanding why this has happened without attaching self-pity to it will give you the understanding that you have not succumbed to self-pity.  Seeing that and being glad about it will give you a moment of satisfaction.  Grab that moment, as satisfaction will lead you to self-trust.  Self-trust will relax both the mind and the body, giving you the stability to appraise your situation calmly and see that it is an opportunity in disguise.  Now comes the moment of Gratitude.

Anger and indignation are good generators for getting yourself going out of a fug, but ultimately you get further with less effort if you let your engine run on gratitude.

The more you think like this, the faster the mechanism gets and you can learn how to be grateful very quickly, under even the most trying of circumstances.


Week 17 – Master keys MKMMA – Stand clear, this is a manifestation zone

I’ve been riding the waves of deliberate manifestation this week and somehow I remained upright on the board.    Week 17 of Haanel’s Master Keys System is thrilling but the excitement comes as much from what he does not say as much as from what he does say.  The suggestions and exercise are artfully crafted to orient the reader firmly in the right direction, yet leave much of the discovery of the truths to us.  

The combination of this with the MKMMA’s ‘Franklin’s Virtues’ exercise (which I covered in last week’s blog) was a dynamite mix.   This week, I selected Persistence as the virtue which I would deliberately observe in others and deliberately seek to exercise in myself.   Persistence is so very easy to see in nature, animals and mankind.   This quickly took on a universal feel and I saw that life itself was persistently delivering opportunities in every moment.

We all have our own analogy of life, I often liken it to being a surfer looking for the wave that will carry me to the beach in style but this week I saw life as a black run down a mountain, with clear blue skies and the village below.

The more I got into the flow of it, the better my downhill run became.   Imagine it as starting at the top of the Giant Downhill Slalom in the Winter Olympics, having never walked the course.   The momentum that you gather at the beginning of the run carries you down round the first bend … and you see the first surprise of the course;   flagged gate No 1 – a clue, insight or outright self-manifested event in this analogy – so  you need to shift your weight, direction and focus to avoid crashing into it or skidding off the course altogether.  Missing Gate 1 means having to climb back up to the top of the run and start over.   When you see the flag and recognise it denotes a direction to travel you instantly understand that it is leading somewhere.  To begin with, the first couple of flags come from nowhere and you are concentrating on staying upright, but by the 3rd you have come to expect them and are adjusting your course in plenty of time to look for the  4th.  By the 4th you are under full control, feeling great and adjusting your posture for best style and by the 5th you are looking good, feeling great and looking for the best racing line to cut drag.   You can already feel in your body where the 6th flagged gate will be and are looking beyond it for the 7th.  By the last gate in this particular sequence you are enjoying the speed and beauty of your progress so much that you wish it wouldn’t finish.

The trick is to not write off a flag as a coincidence or just luck and certainly not to stop to think about it.  To stay in the flow you have to keep moving.  Sometimes the flags come through communications such as a phone call or internet page , sometimes they are physical events or being in the right place at the right time, most often they are insights and correct thinking around a problem that you have been wrestling with and often they are a sequence of answers that can only unfold if you keep moving and look for the next flag.

Just as top sportsmen practise their swing, line or race in their head over and over again, the whole process can be practised by using an analogy such as the one above.  If you think you are stuck, try  consistently imagining yourself finding the right answers, people, places and opportunities for your particular life situation … you will find that life will deliver exactly what you have been imagining.  The trick is to recognise the first flag and know there will be a second.   The skill is not being so blown away by the process that you lose your focus.  I have proved over and over to myself this week that my attitude and thoughts create my circumstances, there simply is no opt-out.   You could call that Persistence.

Week 16 – Master Keys MKMMA – Franklin’s Inspiration

I had already posted this blog earlier in the week, but it has disappeared (or never made it in the first place).   So here it is, re-written from memory somewhat hastily, so I trust you will kindly forgive me, and many thanks to my friend Mark Laytin for pointing out that it was missing:

Benjamin Franklin was a young man in the days of Classicism.  He would have encountered Aristotle’s Virtues of Man in the natural course of a young gentleman’s education and cultivation.   In them, he saw how a man could build a sustainably successful life, both materially and spiritually.

From Week 15 onwards, MKMMA members will emulate his feat and look at each one of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues in detail, choosing one each week on which to focus; contemplating not only how we can implement them for a fulfilling life, but also to recognise them in others.   As everything in the MKMMA is geared towards leveraging Natural Laws and creating strong subconscious drives to realise our dreams, the act of consciously observing these Virtues (and promoting them in others) will invoke the Law of Growth – namely that what we focus our attention on will prosper and what we ignore will wither.   Looking back through your own life, you will see examples of this in great ideas that never took flight because of your lack of attention to them, through to worries that assumed a bigger and bigger proportion of your life as you allowed them to take over your thoughts.   It’s human nature to dwell on thoughts, so selecting productive ones is paramount to manifesting your ideas and inspirations.  In Week 16, the Master Keys Charles Haanel reiterates this point in sentence 28:

“If you desire to visualise a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind until your vision has been made real; give no thought to persons, places or things; these have no place in the absolute; the environment you desire will contain everything necessary; the right person, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place”

Ask anyone who has created a new venture out of nothing and they will always say that after an initial period of stress and hard work then ‘things just came together’ or ‘the right people got involved’.   Most of the famous entrepreneurs will admit that their success was due to being single-minded about their goal and refusing to entertain negative thoughts about it.

So to be asked to persistently concentrate on ‘Kindness’ was a gentle and ultimately hugely fulfilling exercise this week.   Starting from observing Kindnesses in others, we were also asked to initiate our own through Random Acts of Kindness, unobserved wherever possible.   Sounds such a simple thing, too simple to make a difference, one might think.   But the energy of the week grew and compounded, each act of kindness set of chain reactions that benefitted others and myself in equal measure I ended the week energised, enthusiastic and more in love with life.   All from simply watching and enjoying kindnesses unfolding  around me and through me.

Week 15 – Master Keys MKMMA – The Chicken or Egg Personality

By Week 15 of Charles Haanel’s Master Keys, you will have had so many examples of how your subconscious makes all the decisions in life, that it will stun you.   Haanel goes to great pains to clarify, emphasise and illustrate just how this amazing mechanism really is running the show.  I have no problem with that … in fact I have nothing better to do with my life than to be as conscious as my potent potential allows.   And as I learned from my Professor 15 years ago: “Once something is brought to the attention of the conscious mind, it has no power to do damage in the subconscious”.    It’s true – often a subconscious drive will lose all it’s power, once the conscious mind has full cogniscance of the situation.  However, just seeing a hidden drive does not always release us from it’s grip, which is when an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance arises and starts wreaking havoc in our life.

Within the MKMMA course, Mark Januszewski  has supplied the missing vital element that brings balance to this mechanism, namely: “Knowledge does not apply itself”.   To illustrate:  We may realise that we do not get quite enough sleep because there is a subconscious driver from childhood stating “I don’t want to go to bed when I’m told, I might miss something, why can’t I stay up, I’m not tired!”.  That strong desire, probably repeated many times throughout childhood, forms a drive.  Realising that this strong desire to ‘stay up with the grown-ups’ has carried through into adulthood as a buried drive can be very helpful in knowing ourself, but often just knowing about it won’t actually make you go to bed at an earlier hour.    In accordance with Natural Law, we can never destroy that drive by concentrating on it … the only way is to overlay the programme with an improved idea, coupled to a desire which is just as strong as the original childish desire … and is then repeated until it forms a habit.   The joy of getting a refreshing night’s sleep has to be understood, believed, desired and appreciated before it becomes a reality.  Ya just gots ta want it … more than you want eye-bags, always running late, late-night TV and all the other secondary gains of sitting up late night after night when a sane person would be getting the sleep their body needs.

There must be a very strong desire in me to transcend the programmes I have laboriously laid down in my life, because I woke one morning this week as a Tabula Rasa – there was no personality there, just a potent being who had no fears, no limits and a powerfully peaceful and joyous attitude.  I have awoken in that state many times and it’s always the same – being that Observer state is timeless, there being no passing of time to measure.   And then the inevitable happened – I felt my ‘personality’catch up, as if I had woken up before it.   It wasn’t a progression of thoughts that occurred (a thought arising, followed by another thought, and another, in a chain) … it was simply all my thoughts slotting back in, in one go.   I saw the whole gamut of beliefs, desires, drives etc as if they descended into me.  One minute, a free being with unlimited power;  the next, ‘good old me’.   It was an inevitable event as there was no resistance from the soul at all … it accepted the baggage cheerfully with no judgement, it simply remained in it’s permanent state of peace.   The soul knows no hurry, but it knows excitement.   And that is where something really interesting happened, because it was no longer a case of Free Soul + impersonal baggage … there was a third viewpoint that arose, and that viewer was disappointed and unwilling to accept the baggage, however much it was it’s own creation.   We have the intriguing situation where the Self – which is necessarily selfish in order to survive and has to be self-satisfied – was suddenly not very satisfied at all.  In fact, it had a face like a smacked bottom.

Haanel’s final sentence in Part 15 is as follows;

“Call to mind the fact that knowledge unused passes from the mind, that the value of the information is in the application of the principle; continue this line of thought until you gain sufficient insight to formulate a definite program for applying this principle to your own particular problem.”

Here’s the kicker, folks – the only information that ‘came back’ that morning was information that I have been using over and over, with which to define myself.    In all it’s ghastly glory.  And with that kind of special delivery all you can do is smile, sign for the package and see what to do next.  Never have I been more certain that it is wrong to sublimate our true desires and wrong to put up with what we do not desire.   It is right and just to allow our true, wholesome desires to work their magic in a mind mechanism that is willing and able to do anything.

After all, what do you get from maintaining a stiff upper lip?   Only a sore face.


Week 14 – Master Keys MKMMA – A Door-To-Door Hero (part 1)

My psychotherapy professor was known as a maverick (in fact, all of my tutors have been maverick heroes.  I seem to attract them).   Back in 1998, he taught the class a therapy tool which was centred around watching movies with deliberate intent to meaningfully relate them to our/client’s lives.  I had already been someone who tended to see subtexts and subtle meanings rather than understand the plot (!) so it was a tool I welcomed.  Rather than switching off our brains and switching on our usual ‘entertain me’ approach to movie watching, the idea is to be deliberately alert with an ‘inspire me’ attitude.   In week 14 of the MKMMA, our esteemed ‘Prof’ Mark Januszewski offered the same experience and suggested one of four movies to watch (Cool Runnings, Door-to-Door, Rudy, or October Sky) and do what he calls an R2A2 – Recognise, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.   R2A2 is also an acronym for Roles, Responsibilities, Authorities and Accountabilities in the corporate world.  Each movie represents a Hero’s Journey, comparable to Joseph Campbell’s analogy of the Hero’s Journey in the movie Star Wars.

I chose Door-to-Door with William H Macy and Helen Mirren, being a fan of their talent and understated performances.   I have October Sky and Cool Runnings lined up to watch with my daughter this coming weekend, but Door-To-Door seemed a film I could appreciate better on my own.   It is the true biopic of Bill Porter, a man with Cerebral Palsy who was determined to become a top salesman, as his father before.  This, then, is his DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and the movie becomes an exercise in seeing  the elements of his ongoing plan come together, incorporating the elements of an MMA (Master Mind Alliance), PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and POA (Plan of Action).

With his mother’s encouragement (MMA + PMA) Bill talks himself into a door-to-door salesman job with a  household goods company.   The preparation for the interview and his attitude to their initial rebuttal demonstrates both an MMA and POA.  His mother MMAs with him and reminds him of the attributes needed, Patience and Persistence, she even writes these onto his sandwiches on his first day.   Because of Bill’s disabilities, he needs to prepare for each day meticulously (MMA/POA) and requisition the help needed to get dressed, everything has to be thought out to make his day work out.   When he comes across people who are scared of his appearance, he finds ways to charm them (PMA) and, with patience and persistence, eventually he establishes a profitable route and becomes accepted in the neighbourhoods he works.   Every scene of the film shows how to bring a personal dream into reality.  When his mother becomes ill he works out how to get his cufflinks and tie done for him by swapping his jokes for the assistance of local hotel staff to get him ready in the mornings (PMA/MMA/POA).   As he establishes relationships with his customers, he starts to affect their lives in positive ways – mending broken relationships and encouraging positive change in their lives too.   When his mother goes into a care-home and his disabilities threaten his livelihood, his MMA with his doctor leads to hiring some help (POA/PMA again).  He lets nothing gets in the way of him realising his DMP, becoming an expert in his products and a talented salesman, using help from his MMAs, POAs and his indomitable spirit – his PMA.  This is the only way to achieve a DMP.  When his company evolves into the call-centre and computers age, he finds it hard to adapt but sheer tenacity keeps him active in the company, once again charming the management with his determined attitude.   The realisation of his DMP comes when he wins the Salesman of the Year Award, against all the odds?  No, as he bent the odds to his favour by seeing every obstacle to success and surmounting them.  Still, his joy and surprise at the award means he still refused to sit on his laurels – his DMP plan was still as active and sharp as the day he first voiced it.  The denouement of the film is that Bill, in all his planning and persistence, has become a self-styled dinosaur whose determination to be independent almost causes his downfall when he refuses to accept help, especially from those he has helped.   The assistance and encouragement comes from all directions in many forms, but his rigid attitude and pride almost sees his dream collapse at the final gate.  His redemption comes by accepting and then adapting to new conditions, especially in accepting that those he relegated to mere ‘staff’ have actually become his family.  In swallowing his pride and accepting what he previously rejected as ‘charity’, he MMAs a way to carry on his DMP with a new POA and PMA.   A lovely touch from this seasoned salesman is that the end of the film carries an advertisement for his website –  humourous, in that a salesman never misses a trick … but also showing that in the end he updated himself into the age of the internet.

In every scene of the movie, there are props and devices that symbolise his DMP – from a tree that gets mutilated, to neighbours that are reconciled through one of Bill’s POA+PMA activities.  In every scene of the movie, Bill overcomes adversity through looking for opportunity.   His DMP, set in the 1950’s of the opening scenes, is still operative and adapts throughout the 50 year span of the movie.

More importantly, his success comes through recognising opportunity as much as manufacturing it.

The Director did a fine job with this little movie, weaving the message throughout every scene in a myriad of metaphors, instead of bashing the message at the end like so many of the corny blockbusters that are unleashed every year.  There are many more subtle messages and metaphors in the movie, but I’ll leave those to part 2 of this blog.

Currently the film is available to watch anytime, on Youtube, in 7 parts. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4heQ5bf8E)

Joseph Campbell’s analogy of the Hero’s Journey is demonstrated throughout the movie; if you’re interested in how those elements come together, come back for part 2 of this blog.

And what about the venerable William H Macy?  Well his Hero’s Journey DMP to become a fine actor is written throughout the film too.  Not once does his portrayal of Bill Porter descend into pathos.  Bravo, Mr Macy.

Week 13 – MKMMA Master Keys – The Cure for Adolescence

Halfway through the 26-week Master Keys MKMMA Course, a convenient time to review and appreciate our progress.    The course is progressive, it will not simply stop at week 26 or at the last chapters of the books we are reading, but halfway through seems as good a place as any to pause, reflect on personal changes and take in the expanded view, especially since the cement fell away from my eyes several weeks ago (in terms of the parable of the Golden Buddha).

I’ve understood the concept of taking Personal Responsibility for my life for a long time, accepting that I have created all the conditions in my life; but the pay-off for both my dry-eyed realism and faithful use of Haanel’s Master Keys and MKMMA exercises is that I have moved into the wonderful position of now taking Personal Credit for my life (superceding the slightly onerous term of ‘responsibility’).   I took a leap at that one, moving in one day from feeling responsible into taking credit for the life I have already manifested, warts and all.   It’s far easier to manifest further if one takes credit for the past already created.  But as with all other new thought, if you don’t consciously keep it up it’s easy to slide backwards –  subby replays old, familiar and comfortable routines – and I found myself back at the bottom of the hill, looking longingly at the effortless high ground I had enjoyed the day before.   How fortunate then that we humans are equipped with a thinking mechanism that is our version of wings.  After a day of vacillating between the bottom-of-the-hill ‘responsibility thinking’ and the top-of-the-hill ‘taking credit thinking’,  I got the message that you cannot hold true to two realities in your mind at the same time and my subby, well trained through the Master Keys and the MKMMA course,  plumped for taking credit.   It is easier to set up a good tomorrow by sliding into sleep on positive, creative thoughts than it is to wake up uninspired and then try to rectify your course.

This signals a further step into developed adulthood that, as usual, far exceeds in the experience our view of it from the outside.   When approaching adulthood, we first look forward to it but after a few knocks and disappointments tend to assume that it will necessarily mean the relinquishing of childish pleasures.  This is so far from truth that it can only be termed as adolescent thinking, recognisable once you have taken enough steps beyond.   The free child fears nothing; the adolescent learns to fear far more; and to an adolescent, adulthood can be simultaneously extremely attractive and very nearly death.   But having taken enough fearless steps into true adulthood and necessary development, we arrive not only at the idea of taking personal credit but also the wonderful discovery that  we’ve not only transcended our prejudiced view of the future but that we have actually arrived back at childhood again … but a new, improved, empowered childhood that combines the benefits of free, childlike thinking with the earned benefits of adult experience.   It brings the delight back into life and reinstates innocent optimism – qualities that can never be bought.  This is how it feels to take credit instead of responsibility;  this is the ice-cream reward that can only be found in the cafe at the top of the hill.  I can see this appreciation in the comments from many of my MKMMA colleagues within the MasterMind Alliance.   So many are posting their great results from following the course faithfully, it’s a joy to see people expressing it in their own unique ways.   Mark and Davene Januszewski, the architects of the MKMMA, have seen hundreds of participants processing personal change over the years.  Yet their own ascent into childlike, developed adulthood means they are freshly inspired and delighted by every participant, it never gets stale.  They, in themselves, are a metaphor for childlike adulthood and the delight in witnessing deliberate manifestation without trying to own it or take another’s credit.

Roll credits on this day.  New reel tomorrow.