Week 3 – Master Keys MKMMA – The Art of Manifesting – Getting Proof Before You Start

The Art of Manifesting – Getting Proof Before You Start


Read The Secret?  Still not seen any change in your life?  If you have read my other two blogs on The Art of Manifesting,  you’ll have got the idea that I have already enjoyed a period of being an effortless manifestor.  In fact, I used to laughingly call it ‘sending my order to the kitchen’.  It didn’t occur to me to write a book about it, I just shared with people around me.  When Barbel Mohr published her best-seller ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service’ I was stunned and so pleased that it was becoming well known.   Years later I chanced across Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, but at this early point I was just doing it naturally (as I chronicled in my earlier blog).

Since then, an eager public has put books like The Secret on the bestseller lists month after month, and some people have been enabled to access the thought frequencies that manifest their good.  But the vast majority have come away with a sense of disappointment, a mistaken belief that it can’t work for them.  I’m not going to criticise The Secret; the principles of expectancy and gratitude it espouses are sound.  But if you look at the process they have been told to undertake, you can see why it has failed:

1)      Think of something you want

2)      Ask the universe to deliver it

3)      Confidently wait for it to arrive

It’s such a big step of faith that the subconscious cannot help but start filling in the blanks, the doubts set in and our old enemy ‘Our Old Mental BluePrint’ starts to sabotage any hope of success before the ink on the new blue print is even dry.  You’ll know it’s voice: “This stuff is crazy”  “It only works for other people”  and even “Doesn’t this go against what my Pastor said last week?”   The upshot is that the subconscious, which makes every decision in your life, has already decided against it.

But the biggest one is “Prove it works, then I’ll try it”.   (That’s the Old Mental BluePrint, of course.)

It makes sense to get the subbie agreeing with some personal proof before we even start, doesn’t it?

Here’s an easy way to do it – look for proof of the power of your subconscious in the here and now, before giving it new instructions.  I’ll give you a personal  example to go on:

This week in Mark Januszewski’s MKMMA class, we have been using a ‘Do It Now’ affirmation.  Pretty basic stuff, but something the subbie can understand.  And remember, the subbie believes every word you tell it;  it literally has no defence against your spoken voice.  So I have dutifully chanted Do It Now x25 per day and it has seeped into my subconscious, which has no defence against my spoken word.

I then found an old To Do list from years ago at the back of a drawer.  Guess how many things were ticked off?

Not one.  I mean,  not even ONE task completed. 

OK, some of them were unnecessary, some of them got done by other people, some of them weren’t even really tangible goals.  But none were checked off, so I evidently wrote and then ignored that particular To Do list.  Does that mean I failed?  Or does it mean that somewhere along the way I had started leaving just 1 or 2 things undone on a list, and then maybe 3 or 4, or possibly muttered to myself “I’ll do that later”  … which gradually added up to give my subbie the idea that To Do lists are just lists of ideas, not obligations …. and hey, there is always later, eh?

I had actually programmed myself to NOT DO my TO DO list.

The fact is that my subconscious is so powerful that it overrode the actions that I had written down to do.  I gradually started to think of myself as a procrastinator and of course the subbie fully agreed so the die was cast  …  I became an expert procrastinator.  Then I started using lists to remember things  –  me, who is known for a brilliant memory!   I listed things in case I forgot them  …. you’ve guessed by now that I was programming myself TO forget them.

Can you see how I was manifesting an erroneous idea of myself, but that the subbie made no judgement on it … it simply did as it was told.   Sigmund Freud called this ‘The Pleasure Principle’.

OK, so what’s the remedy and final piece of proof?  

As soon as I had the insight,  I put myself on a List Diet.  No lists, for 2 days.  Just take action whenever I think of something instead of putting it on a list, or let it go and trust that my creative flow will generate the right tasks at the right time.  Instead of wasting energy writing things for later, for the past 2 days I have been Doing It Now and that’s where the great stuff and the real proof started to happen – I effortlessly achieved tasks and I even found myself auto-running an involuntary internal Do It Now chant when I was doing them.   The neural pathways started to fire off positive and I remembered how effective, active and energised I used to be before I started programming myself negatively.

The same thing happens in goal setting – so many people are programmed to not achieve their goals.  As soon as you set up a new goal, the subbie recognises it as something to ignore.

It’s your turn – be honest with yourself.  Recognise at least one true thing where you absolutely know for sure that you have programmed yourself negatively?     

Once you see it, in all it’s majestic awfulness, you will be absolutely sure that the subconscious is the decision maker in life.   It makes me roar with laughter at myself every time I spot one of my negative blueprints …  the laughter helps to defuse it before I even start on reprogramming.

So if you have had difficulty using the Law of Attraction, remember the other great Natural Laws such as the Law of Growth – “that to which you attend, grows”.   You cannot get out of a rut by focussing on the rut – you have to focus on the path out of the rut.

Reprogramme whichever negative belief you found and start enjoying effortless growth.


18 comments on “Week 3 – Master Keys MKMMA – The Art of Manifesting – Getting Proof Before You Start

  1. Love the “no list” Diet . The “do it now” chant has helped me soooo much. Thanks for the great reminders.

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  3. J. Champagne says:

    Great post Anna. I love the Do it now chant, it’s a great little shot of adrenaline.

  4. Andrew Hurter says:

    The “Do it Now” repeated 25 times has had a massive impact on my productivity as well. I usually can’t get through a day without making a list! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Law of Attraction. Great Post!

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  6. Andrew says:

    What a Wonderful Post this week Anna! …I find it completely ironic that I just finished a post on my blog ALL about “To-Do” lists. I’ll give away the ending, the conclusion I came to was still the same as you, “You cannot get out of a rut by focusing on the rut – you have to focus on the path out of the rut.” …and this I totally agree with.

  7. Heather says:

    Fabulous thoughts about to do lists and the mind programming itself to not do what is on a to do list… I think I fell into that rut too! I am focusing on the “Do It Now” and keeping my to do list short so I can train myself to geterdone! Awesome blog… and I am glad you are getting out of your cozy anonymity! Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Jim Allmon says:

    This is a brilliant post. No wonder I’m now following you. I just hope I can learn to be as eloquent. : ) Thanks Anna.

  10. Jim Allmon says:

    Reblogged this on Jim Allmon's Blog and commented:
    I love this so much I had to re blog it! Enjoy!

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